CCDE(Cisco Certified Design Expert)概要

CCDE(Cisco Certified Design Expert)概要
エキスパート レベルのネットワーク設計およびネットワーク アーキテクチャの経験
CCDE 認定では、大規模ネットワークのための高度なネットワーク インフラストラクチャ設計の原則および基礎について評価します。CCDE 認定は、顧客ネットワークのインフラストラクチャ レベルに焦点を置いた計画、設計、統合、最適化、運用、セキュリティと継続的なサポートに対応したソリューションを開発する能力があることを証明する資格です。
CCDE の認定条件
CCDE 認定のための正式な認定条件はありません。他のプロフェッショナル認定またはトレーニング コースは必要ありません。
ステップ 1:CCDE 筆記試験
ステップ 2:実技試験の概要
CCDE の実技試験では、設計シナリオに関する試験を行い、設計の分析、設計要件の妥当性検証、およびベスト プラクティスに基づく設計の実装能力が問われます。この試験では、特定の知識を実際のビジネス環境に応用して、技術的なネットワーク設計の問題点を解決する能力を評価します。
CCDE 実技試験では、ネットワーク機器の設定や操作は行いません。この試験では、一般的な PC 上で、設計シナリオの参考資料が提示されます。CCDE 実技試験のテスト キットには、必要なすべての参考資料、情報ソース、設計シナリオの説明が含まれています。
CCDE 資格の取得方法関する情報、こちら
下記はTestpassport のCCDE 352-001 無料サンプル、ご参照ください。
1.Lafeyette Productions is looking for a new ISP that has improved availability, load balancing, and
catastrophe protection. Which type of ISP connectivity solution would be best?
A.single run
C.stub domain EBGP BGP peering
2.NetFlow provides valuable information about network users and applications, peak usage times, and
traffic routing. Which function is of NetFlow?
A.monitor configuration changes
B.monitor CPU utilization
C.monitor link utilization
D.generate traps for failure conditions
3.The company is deploying OSPF on a point-to-multipoint Frame Relay network. The remote sites
needn??t to communicate with each other and there are a relatively small number of sites (scaling is not a
concern). How to configure OSPF for this topology in order to minimize the additional routing information
injected into the network and keep the configuration size and complexity to a minimum?
A.Configure the link as OSPF nonbroadcast and manually configure each of the remote sites as a
B.Configure the link as OSPF broadcast and configure the hub router to always be the designated router.
C.Configure the link as OSPF broadcast and configure a mesh group towards the remote routers.
D.Configure the link at the hub router as OSPF point-to-multipoint and at the remote routers as OSPF
4.What is high availability?
A.redundant infrastructure
B.clustering of computer systems
C.reduced MTBF
D.continuous operation of computing systems
5.What is the way that an OSPF ABR uses to prevent summary route information from being readvertised
from an area into the network core (Area 0)?
A.It advertises only inter-area summaries to the backbone.
B.It uses poison reverse and split horizon.
C.It only sends locally originated summaries to the backbone.
D.It compares the area number on the summary LSA to the local area.
6.Connecting an IS-IS router to four links and redistributing 75 routes from RIP. How many LSPs will be
originated by this router? LSP: containing the router information, internal routes, and external routes
B.six LSPs: one for each link, one containing router information, and one containing external routing
C.two LSPs: one containing router information and internal routes and one containing external routes
D.three LSPs: one containing all links, one containing router information, and one containing external
routing information
7.According to the network in this exhibit, traffic directed towards arrives at -R4. Which path will
the traffic take from here?
A.It will take -R2.
B.It will not take any path. -R4 will drop the traffic.
C.It will take -R3.
D.It will load share between -R2 and -R3.
8.You are the Cisco Network Designer in Which two characteristics are most typical of a SAN?
(Choose two.)
A.NICs are used for network connectivity.
B.Servers request specific blocks of data.
C.Storage devices are directly connected to servers.
D.A fabric is used as the hardware for connecting servers to storage devices.
Answer:B D