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TestpassportのJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330練習問題集はIT専門家は実際の経験を活かして作った最も良い製品で、あなたが自分の目標を達成するようにずっと一生懸命頑張っています。
弊社のJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330参考書は現在で一番人気があるダウンロードのフォーマットを提供します。
弊社のJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330勉強問題集を利用したら、あなたは試験に準備する時間を節約することができるだけでなく、試験で楽に高い点数を取ることもできます。
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世界各地のピアソン VUE テスト センターで実施
試験の所要時間:90 分
試験形式:選択問題 65 問

Juniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330筆記試験は、ネットワークのセキュリティ、理論、ベスト プラクティスに関して中級程度の知識を持つネットワーク構築のプロフェッショナルや設計者向けに設計されており、セキュアなネットワークの設計を受験者が理解していることを確認するものです。

JNCDS-SEC 試験のトピックは、推奨される講師主導型トレーニング コースの内容および掲載されているその他のリソースをベースとしています。

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Juniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330出題内容の詳細:

エンタープライズ WAN のセキュリティ
サービス プロバイダの WAN のセキュリティ
データ センターのセキュリティ

弊社のJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330勉強資料は実践を通して候補者によって証明されています。
弊社のJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330試験資料を購入する場合、あなたのテストの準備の問題を解決します。
弊社のJuniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1330参考書は試験のJN0-1330質問と回答を検討し、候補者の大多数の重大な利益を提供するためにコミットしています。

1.You are asked to implement port-based authentication on your access switches. Security and ease of access are the two primary requirements. Which authentication solution satisfies these requirements?
B. network access control
C. firewall authentication
D. IPsec tunnel
Answer: A

2.What is one way to increase the security of a site-to-site IPsec VPN tunnel?
A. Implement a stronger Diffie-Hellman group.
B. Change IKE Phase 1 from main mode to aggressive mode.
C. Implement traffic selectors.
D. Implement a policy-based VPN.
Answer: C

3.Your customer is planning the deployment of a new hub-and-spoke WAN architecture that must support dual stack They have decided against using a dynamic routing protocol. They are concerned about the difficulty of managing configurations and operations at the hub location as they deploy branch routers
In this scenario, what ate three reasons for selecting route-based VPNs with traffic selectors’? (Choose three)
A. Traffic selectors support IPv4 and IPv6.
B. Traffic selectors reduce the number of Phase 2 IPsec security associations.
C. Traffic selectors reduce latency because they bypass UTM.
D. Traffic selectors support auto route insertion
E. You can define mutliple traffic selectors within a single route-based VPN
Answer: A,D,E

4.What are the three activities in the reconnaissance phase of an attack”? (Choose three)
A. Determine the device OS
B. Scan for devices and ports to exploit
C. Install malware.
D. Propagate the virus to servers and workstations
E. Map the network
Answer: A,B,E

5.Your customer is assessing (heir network incident response plan They need to improve their recovery lime when a networking issue occurs, especially when involves JTAC support. They have limited internal support staff and little automation experience to develop their own tools
Which Juniper solution meets these requirements’?
A. Juniper Secure Analytics
B. Network Director
C. Service Insight
D. Service Now
Answer: D

6.Your customer is planning to secure a data center with web servers reachable through two ISP connections terminating on each node of an active/passive SRX Series chassis cluster. ISP-1 Is the preferred connection because it provides higher bandwidth than ISP-2.
Which two must you include in your design proposal to meet this requirement (Choose two)
A. Use conditional BGP advertisements and use Interface monitoring for both ISP Interfaces.
B. Use static routing and use interface monitoring for both ISP interfaces.
C. Ensure that both ISP interfaces are in the same zone and use interface monitoring.
D. Ensure that both the ISP interfaces are in different zones and use interface monitoring.
Answer: A,D

7.You are asked to provide user-based network access through an SRX Series device The implementation must use Active Directory credentials for user account validation
Which two solutions satisfy these requirements? (Choose two )
A. TACACS+ authentication
B. Unified Access Control
C. firewall authentication
D. integrated user firewall
Answer: C,D

8.What are two design requirements for deploying a chassis cluster across a Layer 2 network? (Choose two)
A. VLAN tags from high availability traffic should be preserved.
B. Latency between the two nodes must be less than 100 ms.
C. Fabric links should share the transit traffic infrastructure.
D. Control and fabric link must use different VLAN IDs.
Answer: A,B