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試験名称:IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analyst

あなたに素晴らしいIBM Certified Deployment Professional C2010-555試験資料を提供するだけでなく、良いサービスも提供してあげます。
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IBM認定デプロイメント・プロフェッショナル – Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analystは、IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6ソリューションのインベントリー、契約、購入、リソース、作業管理を含む資産ライフサイクルのサポート、実装、および保守を担当する技術専門家です。 、予防保守とセキュリティ。 この個人は、同僚、製品のドキュメント、およびサポートリソースからの限られた援助でこれらのタスクを実行することが期待されます。


Asset Management (18%)
Describe managing and creating failure codes
Describe managing and creating locations and location hierarchies
Describe set up and use of meters
Describe the use of warranty contracts for assets
Describe moving, modifying and swapping assets
Describe using and applying Asset Templates
Identify asset relationships
Describe creating asset subassemblies and spare parts
Describe the difference between rotating and non-rotating assets

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (10%)
Explain the use of Master PMs
Describe how to configure the various types of PMs
Identify using Routes
Describe how to generate and modify a PM forecast
Describe how Condition Monitoring can be configured to generate work orders
Describe time based and meter based PMs
Apply job plan sequencing to PMs

Work Management and Planning (21%)
Describe work orders, child work orders and tasks
Explain how to assign a work order
Describe the plans and actuals on a work order
Describe the work order status change life cycle
Describe the creation of Job Plans
Describe how to report labor hours

Procurement Management (10%)
Describe procurement related contracts
Describe the difference between a company and a company master
Describe the purchasing life cycle (PR, PO, RFQ, DR, Invoice)
Describe the receiving processes
Perform the return of a rotating asset or direct issue item

Inventory Management (15%)
Explain inventory and inventory balances
Define costing methods
Describe the use of item assembly structures
Describe the different types of items
Describe using the Inventory Usage application
Describe hard and soft inventory reservations
Define a service item
Describe tool records and stocked tools
Describe adding new units of measure and conversions
Define the item statuses
Apply the reorder process

Workflow and Escalations (8%)
Describe the use of workflow processes
Construct workflow processes
Describe the use of escalations

Analytics (8%)
Construct adhoc reports
Identify where KPIs can be viewed
Describe KPI Templates
Explain the different reporting options
Demonstrate knowledge of running and using reports

Administration (10%)
Describe the creation of organization and sites
Describe managing resources
Describe managing the security configuration
Describe configuration of the business financials
Describe the creation of Calendars and Work Periods
Describe managing Classifications and attributes
Describe edit mode and how to apply it

当社のIBM Certified Deployment Professional C2010-555試験対策は、試験が必要なすべての質問に含めています。
弊社のIBM Certified Deployment Professional C2010-555勉強材料を選択することが後悔しないように、それはあなたがあなたの夢のキャリアを構築することができます。
弊社のIBM Certified Deployment Professional C2010-555トレーニング教材は、ITの人々は非常にたかっているものです。
弊社のIBM Certified Deployment Professional C2010-555勉強資料を選択した場合は、知識を統合するために時間とエネルギーを大幅に節約することができます。